Father’s Day Family Portraits

Ok, so I am selfless and want to brag, but here are Father’s Day pictures from my first Father’s Day in 2015.  I hope you enjoy them!!  It was fun trying out the camera remote for many of these!!

Family Portraits

Pictures From Georgia Wildlife Safari in Pine Mountain, GA
For the weekend, we went and stayed at The Holly House of Hamilton in Hamilton, GA. It was a neat place full of antiques such as an old pump organ, an accordion and a player piano. We got to see an antique phonograph which was neat! Wind it up and watch it play. This is a definable place to stop with lots of photo opportunities. Great for weddings as well.

From there, we went to the Wild Life Safari. There is a drive-through section that contains everything from Giraffs, to camels, to lions – though the lions are in a cage. There is also a walk-through area that has monkeys, wolves, and even bears. This was much better than a zoo. Being able to pet and feed the non-violent animal is a neat experience that you definitely don’t get at a zoo. I also feel that most got more room in a more natural environment instead of being in small cages all day long. This is a definite repeat for us.

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