How to Look Your Best in Pictures

Joyful Visions - EDIT DSC_0179 We often get asked, “How can I make amazing photos?”    It would be vain to say, Joyful Visions will help you make amazing photos, and besides we believe that every photographer is going to have a different perspective.  There is not an amazing answer that simply makes magic, but we do have a couple of hints and tips that will help you get started.

Most of us are critical of our own photos because we are our own worst critic – plain and simple. Here are some basic posing tips and ideas that will help you get started to being an amazing model or subject for your favorite photographer.

  1. Be confident in who you are. There is no need to be ashamed of your body and don’t look at posing for the camera as a bad thing. You are the star!!
  2. Don’t pretend – try to be yourself. It really shows in photos when you are pretending to be someone that you are not. Just smile and look natural. One trick is to think of the last good meal you ate or think of your favorite comedian telling that joke that you just love!!
  3. Allow the photographer to take more than one picture. We often use the first photographs as a warm-up to get you relaxed and looking natural. Enjoy the time, laugh with the photographer, and try to find some things to talk about to make the time more fun.

    Rocking The Jacket - JV - dsc_0018

  4. Angle your body. Angling your body 45 degrees away from the camera or pushing your weight on to your back foot make a huge difference. There is an easy rule to remember that helps as well: if it bends, bend it.

The Fab After Forty blog offers three simple rules to look slimmer in photos:

  • Rule #1: Never pose beside a thin person. Especially if you’re wearing the same dress.
  • Rule #2: Never be the closest person to the camera.
  • Rule #3: Use whatever props are on hand to hide protruding body parts. And by protruding body parts, I mean your stomach.

5. When you can, wear dark or black colors.

The last suggestion if we have not already mentioned it is to HAVE FUN!!  Yep, that simple. The more fun you have, the better your pictures will look.

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