What Makes a Good Comp Card?

Joyful-Visions - Profile ShotHave you ever heard that you only get one chance to make a lasting first impression? Well, You only get one image to make a good first impression, and then 4 more images to hold that attention. What do I mean? Well, when you go to get a regular job, you present the potential employer with a resume. In the modeling and acting world, your Comp Card is your resume. This is what will capture the attention of a potential agent, fashion designer, photographer, or even magazine. So, that is why it is CRITICAL to have an amazing Comp Card. Here are a couple tips on how to make a Comp Card that stands out.

The first thing to realize is that your Comp Card tells a story. It shows your versatility and tells a story about what abilities you have as a model. It gives image to the measurements and tells whether you have tattoos or features that make you the perfect candidate for this opportunity. This cards should display your beauty.

Another point to realize is that your comp card should show versatility. If you are a well-named model, then you can stick to one genre, but when you are new and just starting out, it is often good to show versatility in modeling. That is why we list 4 looks on our modeling portfolio page. This shows the variety of outfits that you look good in as well as showing your versatility.

Along with what you wear, how you pose is critical. You can be artistic or have poses that cater towards your target audience for your Comp Card, but two poses that you most certainly want to have is a headshot and a full-body profile shot. The headshot should clearly show your eyes and your smile. If there was ever a time to smile naturally, this is that time!!!!! A fake, nervous, cheeky, and cheesy smile will ALL show quickly in a headshot since it is focused on…..well…….your head. So, smile naturally. Deep breath in, deep breath out, smile.

This may be a repeat, but as a new model, you should stick with industry standard. 1 shot on the front that shows your personality and makes the perspective say “WOW!!” On the back, include four images, your name, your city, your phone number, and your measurements. If you are represented by an agent, you should include that. However, if you are represented, they may have their own format for a Comp Card that they prefer that you use.

Lastly, I am ALL about saving that money as Lil Dicky says, but now is the time to SPLURGE. Get it nice, get it glossy, and get it clean. No Vista Print here. You may want to print two of versions though. One through Joyful Visions - EDIT DSC_0011Walmart/Vista Print that is used just for leaving at locations, then the nice one that you use at Casting Calls.

Now one question I have heard is, “This photo studio or agency is willing to print Comp cards for me. Is that OK?” Agencies are typically a bad idea unless they are also going to represent you. Typically, they will put their logo on the work which then appears like you work for them. So, ensure that they will not do that if you go with an agency. Photographers typcially will not watermark the images nor the Comp Card if they are paid. So, make sure that you are clear that you need the Comp Card to be unmarked.

Information Included on the Comp Card

Stats for women: Hair color, Eye color, Height, Bust, Waist, Hips, Dress size, Shoe size
Stats for Men: Hair color, Eye color, Height, Suit or Chest size, Waist, Inseam, Shoe size

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