Fall 2016 Photos

Sun setting over the tops of the trees at Treble Mill Park.
Sun setting over the tops of the trees at Treble Mill Park.

–>One of my favorite seasons of the year is Fall.  I had the opportunity to take a walk at Treble Mill Park and got some of the images you see below.  The reason I like Fall so much is all of the many colors.  Nature photography, Halloween costumes, portrait sessions before it gets to cold is so much fun.  Fall would be in hard competition with Spring when you have all the blooming flowers and color of another sort.

If you have nothing better to do this Fall and you live in Georgia, take the next couple weeks to enjoy the beautiful parks in North-East Georgia.  Helen tends to be a favorite, but Octoberfest all this month, traffic makes the trip somewhat stressful.  However, here are some other great places to hike and drive to see sights. One great site to check out is http://www.georgiastateparks.org/leafwatch.  The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is another unique way to see the changing leaves and beautiful mountains. The last place I will recommend here is Hillcrest Orchards near Ellijay, Georgia.

If you don’t feel like driving though, check out many of the parks in Gwinnett County Parks.  Gwinnett County has an amazing number of parks and many of these parks have trails through the woods. You don’t have to drive far to enjoy the beauty around you.  Even climbing Stone Mountain can be a unique experience to see all the colors from the tops of the trees. Enjoy the beauty of nature.  Of course, I must also put in a shameful plug that if you need portraits done of you, your family, or even your pets, we would be happy to help.  The Fall colors make for great engagement announcements and even great backdrops for headshots.  Let us know how we can help!

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