Newborn Photography

Edit DSC_0983What sweeter time than the time when a new member joins your family.  We would love to capture those special moments with you with our newborn photography.  Whether combined with maternity or just newborn sessions alone, you do not want to forget one of the most special times you will experience.

We often get asked when the best time is to do newborn photography.  5 – 10 days is the best time if you want to get “newborn” pictures, but we understand if you are worried about taking your precious little one out so soon.  So, anytime within the first month is great for newborn photo sessions.  Babies usually sleep quite a bit during the first month and since they usually can not hold up their heads yet, sleeping makes photos much easier.

Be sure to have an idea of how you will feed your little one during the session.  A full baby is a happy baby, and that is the BEST way to take photos.  If you need to stop for a feeding break during the session, that is fine!

Pricing: $300 gives you a 3-hr session with edited photos.